Steel work is almost closed. Starts to look like a home alreday!


Some pictures can be found in the folder 13.12.2015





Next steps. Started placing the roof!




Hi you all!



So what happened until now:


In the first week on the shipyard:

1) The mizzen was removed

2) The old deckhouse was removed


In the second week:

1) The deck between deckhouse and main mast was removed

2) The deck above the engine room was removed

3) Rebuilding the engine room started

4) Small parts of the deck were repaired

5) The first new strip was welded to the deck, so with a little bit of imagination you can see the shape of the new deckhouse!

6) and a thousand little things more!!!


I'm very happy until now!


I've uploaded some new pictures and movies. These can be found on the pages:


This is the beginning on the shipyard! So exciting and cool! Take a look......




Since 10.06.2015 10:00 the old lady is officially mine! Very happy!




This is gonna be a history of rebuilding this sailing beauty into my new home. Soon there will be more to see/read.







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